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Dirt 3

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Dirt 3

Regardless of which difficulty level you play at and whether or not you take advantage of stability and braking assists, Dirt 3 handles like a dream. There are dozens of great-looking modern and vintage vehicles in the garage, and you race them on all manner of surfaces and in changing weather conditions, but getting behind the wheel of one that you haven't driven before is never a problem. The controls are responsive, and while it's certainly possible to mess up so spectacularly that your ride loses panels and becomes deformed to the point that it's unrecognizable, there are gameplay mechanics in place that ensure you don't feel the need to hold anything back. Even as you hurtle along narrow dirt trails and around icy hairpins, Dirt 3's cars, trucks, and buggies encourage you to push them harder by using excellent audio and rumble feedback to let you know that you're not quite on the edge yet.

With a lot of mesh used in the shell of the Dirt 3 gloves, one would expect some good airflow and the ventilation is definitely there. Airflow through the tops of the fingers is good and can be felt at lower speeds as well as on the highway. This bodes well for when the road turns to gravel or dirt and the pace decreases.

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