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Ub Funkeys Patch __HOT__

For quite some time now, people using the 64 bit version of Windows Vista have been unable to install and play U.B.Funkeys. It's been a constant question in each installment of Ask Funk-E and was said to be on the list of things that Mattel wanted to address. Well, that day has come!Wags, a member of our forum recently called the tech support line at Mattel and asked again about the problem again. This time, the answer was quite welcome! The driver had been created to allow for the use of U.B.Funkeys on a 64 bit Vista computer...They'll e-mail the files out if you want to call the Mattel tech support line at 800-803-9611. I thought I would also add them here for download if you'd like them that way. The following is the e-mail exactly as Mattel sent it out, and the two files are downloadable at the end of this post in a zip file...Thank you for contacting Mattel regarding your U.B. Funkeys product..Our records indicate that you were unable to install U.B. Funkeys on your Windows 64bit system. We have created a patch that will install the drivers need to play U.B. Funkeys. Attached are 2 files that will assist you with this process. o The Patch Installer o Instructions for installing.To avoid these files being blocked by Spam and E-mail Filters you will need to first change the name of the installer file. o Save the Funkeys Patch.txt to your Desktop. o Right click on the downloaded file. o Select Rename. o Delete the txt and replace it with zip, hit enter. o Extract the files to the Desktop o Open the folder, and launch the exe file. o Follow the instructions in the README attachment to run the Patch.Thank you again for contacting us. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please feel free to call us at 800-803-9611, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, ET, and Saturday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, ET.Sincerely,Mattel Consumer Relations Download the Zip file here!Labels: Drivers, Game Updates, Install Help, Vista 64

Ub Funkeys Patch

Sadly it doesn't work for my UK install CD. This CD seems to be a very early version. I tried using it with the 4.5 installer but that failed also, seems wdreg.exe that ships with the patch is not the 64bit version.Still not officially available in the UK - Mattell denied all knowledge.

Actually, my issue above was due to Windows 7 and driver signing. This patch DOES work but not with the original (Early 07) installer - you need to grab the 4.5 installer from Mattell (and don't try to get it working on Windows 7)

I have windows 7 64-bit and the patch installer fails, I turned off driver signing and it still failed. I used the Windows 7 XP Virtual Machine (goto -pc/) if you have a certain edition of Windows 7 you can get UB Funkeys running in XP virtual mode, it recognises the usb drivers and it all works fine. I would still like to know when an update will be coming for Windows 7 64-bit, especially as all new chipsets are 64-bit.

i downloaded the patch and renamed it and all of that i open the folder, and all that hapens when I open the patch is i get a text file that syas nothing but jiberish no exe it will not let me change it from a text document any help?

I have Windows7 X64 on a 3gb RAM Dell Inspiron and with the aid of Xp virtualization I have also made UB Funkeys work.First I have downloaded VMWARE WORKSTATION as a free 40 day trialIt is quite easy to make an installation of a new virtual machine, I recommend to leave the default settings (512MB RAM + 20 GB disk). After that you should install XP (I used home edition SP2 from an older machine), as in the case of a clean installation the virtual machine would work as a new phtsical one.As soon as you have your Virtual Machine with XP installed you should open it and install UB FUNKEYS.In order to run UBFs in full page you should change your resolution to 800*600 both in host and guest systems (W7 & XP) allowing scaling (you should have this options right-clicking in an unused part of your screen).In order not to have to change resolution manually each time you want to play UBFs you can download Reso.exe, a free programs that lets you associate screen resolution to individual programmes. After your VMWorkstation free trial expires you can however use VMPlayer (free software) to launch XP and Funkeys.In order your kids do not have to work much to play funkeys you could change VMPlayer desktop shortcut icon to UBFs Icon and set VMPlayer to shut XP before shutting the virtual machine and also play automatically in fullscreen mode.As a result your kids may only click an UBFs icon first,launch VM inside the programme from a very intuitive console and click again an UB funkey icon in order to play.My 8 years old daughter thinks it is easy and remember alwaays kids are smarter than we are.

I plugged in a little devil (called a Deuce in the Funkeystown world) and just started exploring. It's pretty easy to move around, however I was pretty limited in where I could go... but that's the point of the experience, the more you play, the more areas of their world you can explore. Well that's partly true. There are certain areas where my little devil guy is permitted to go, and others where he will never be able to go. Those areas are off limits except for other types of funkeys. (The Double Deuce bar, only for Deuces like me, had a cool 50's hipster theme. The fish characters have their own hang outs, and the robots, another) So if you collect other genres of Funkeys, you can access more of their world.

The softwareWell the tiny downside was that as soon as I plugged in (following the directions included) the Software would not properly start. I was only given a "Quit Game" option. The upside however, is that I was easily able to find and download the patch and it worked immediately. It stinks that there was a technical glitch, but kudos to Mattel for getting a working patch up there and available right away. This "bug" is only part of the first wave of hardware, and most hardware you find now shouldn't need it.

The HardwareAfter years of collecting and interacting with the World of Springfield Simpsons figures, and being frustrated with getting their feet to plug into the bases correctly, Mattel really nabbed an improved connectivity port here. There are magnets on the feet of each figure that grab and lock the connectors in place to the large Funkey Port. These $20 bases have a USB cable that plugs right into your PC, and they come with two UB Funkeys figures to get you started. Additional Funkey figures are $5. They all share a common base figure (it's familiar while still being original), and now there are almost 50 figures you can collect. I'm really liking the urban vinyl feel to these figures. I know these are directed to the Age 8 and up set, but these funkeys would look at home on your vinyl shelf. The figures' base is hard plastic, their heads have that hollow rotocast feel. Aside from the connectors on their feet, you'd never know these were available at Target and not a Kid Robot exclusive. 041b061a72


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