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[S1E15] Inner Child

Just seconds before a building is demolished, a mysterious mute child that has been living alone underground is discovered. Meanwhile, an especially gruesome serial killer resurfaces and showcases his "artistry" by displaying his work publicly. As the boy gradually assimilates into a new environment, Olivia and the team must race against the clock to prevent the mad man from further macabre murders.

[S1E15] Inner Child

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I hypothesize that the child has words in his brain, which he would voice if only he could. After all, he does appear to understand at least some of what he hears. But that would seemingly require him to have experienced the human contact of which he was deprived. Perhaps his empathic ability enabled him to be exposed to language at a distance: learning via clairaudience.

Backed by a group of adorable carolers, Ashley and Will stand up to their neighbors in defense of their bright decorations. The adults in the room suddenly realize their disconnection from Christmas. The episode ends with them taking time to reminisce about their childhood holiday memories.

"This was definitely not in the blueprints." - Dennis the demolition expertSeason 1, Episode 15:Inner ChildA demolition team is about to bring down a building when one worker is drawn to an area not marked on the blueprints. Inside the area they find a path to the building's foundation, and in the darkness, a boy. The boy is taken to a children's hospital and the Fringe team is contacted. The construction workers examined where the boy was found and determined it had been sealed off for seventy years and could not determine how the boy got inside. The boy does not speak, and Walter explains some of his medical conditions are a result of living underground for several years. Olivia seems to be the only person that the boy reacts to, and she helps to coax him to cooperate in his treatment. At one point, she encourages him to eat by sharing candy with him, but he only places the yellow pieces in the form of an arrow for her.

Walter seeks to use a neural stimulator to understand the boy's empathy, but Peter only allows it after Walter devises less invasive methods. Though the child's mind is difficult to understand, they obtain a third location. Olivia, Charlie, and other agents set up a roadblock in the area and check all vehicles going through it. Olivia spies a van with a yellow tree-shaped air freshener, and recalling the child's candy display from earlier, determines that the Artist is inside. The killer attempts to escape, and Olivia stabs him to death with his own knife during the struggle.

Get in touch with your inner Observer child this week as we discuss this exciting episode of Fringe! We reflect back on our initial thoughts when we first watched this episode, including wondering whether or not the Child (also known at the time, by us at least, as CBK) was an Observer and what that implied if so, if Olivia disliked yellow M&Ms because they reminded her of Cotexiphan, what the deal is with Eliot Michaels, and so forth!

Durka shoots at Crichton, but he makes it to the Nebari ship, planning to use its cannon as a weapon to kill the baby. He powers it up, but Crichton throws a bomb, which explodes stopping the cannon. Pilot regains control of the doors, and opens the outer bay doors. But Crichton's about to get sucked out too, so Pilot shuts the inner doors, and he just manages to stay in. Durka says he'll hunt Crichton down and kill him. Crichton says he should get in line, and leaves him to the Nebari.

Rygel asks Aeryn if Moya's still mad at him, and she says she's still in pain from protecting her child. Aeryn says that he handled himself well. Rygel says he beat Durka at his own game, and Aeryn reminds him he just compared himself to a Peacekeeper. 041b061a72


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