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dividing the number needed to treat (NNT) for the prevention of depressive episodes by the NNT for the prevention of manic episodes. Drugs with a PI superior to one have stronger anti-manic versus anti-depressant prophylactic properties, whereas those with PI inferior to one are more effective for preventing depressive episodes than the manic ones. Drugs with the PI of one may have a comparable anti-manic and anti-depressive potential.[1] A few examples of pharmacological agents with calculated PI include 12.09 for risperidone, 1.39 for lithium, 1.14 for quetiapine, and 0.40 for lamotrigine.[1] Similarly, PI for psychological interventions include 0.33-0.89 for cognitive-behavioral therapy and 0.73-0.78 for psychoeducation.[2]

Episode 1.39 Online Free


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