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Theories Of Personality Ppt _HOT_ Download For Mac

Trait theory takes a lexical approach to personality, which assumes that traits can be described using single adjectives or descriptive phrases. If enough people regularly exhibit a form of behavior and no term exists in a given language to describe it, then according to the lexical hypothesis, a term will be created so that the trait may be considered and discussed with others.

Theories Of Personality Ppt Download For Mac

A subject is asked to read a number of descriptions or adjectives and to rate the accuracy with which they describe their own personality on a Likert scale (e.g. 1 - Strongly Disagree to 2 - Strongly Agree).

The openness to experience dimension of personality is characterised by a willingness to try new activities. People with higher levels of openness are amenable to unconventional ideas and beliefs, including those which challenge their existing assumptions.

German-born psychologist Hans Eysenck felt that extraversion, along with neuroticism, was a key personality factor, and included it in the PEN model of personality (Eysenck and Eysenck, 1976).

This personality dimension is measured on a continuum ranging from emotional stability to emotional instability, or neuroticism. People with high neuroticism scores are often persistent worriers. They are more fearful and often feel anxious, over-thinking their problems and exaggerating their significance. Rather than seeing the positive in a situation, they may dwell on its negative aspects. 350c69d7ab


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