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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

Big Black Cock Gay

Well, I was about 18 years old and fresh out of high school. Horny as hell, constantly jerking my cock at porn, thinking about girls (I was actually pretty straight at this point) and trying to fuck as many girls as possible. I had hooked up with a few guys too, but they were cross-dressing sissies so I was always the masculine top when we hooked up. Anyhow, this story is about the first time I was the submissive bottom bitch, to a hot well endowed black man...

big black cock gay

It was a hot, hot weekend in suburban San Diego, and I could not stop jacking off. I had recently gotten really into tranny porn and could not stop looking at it! And beating off of course too...They were the epitome of beauty to me; feminine curves and face with massive cocks and balls, YUM! Anyhow, it was early on Saturday, probably around 9 am, and I woke up with a massive hard-on. I couldn't believe it, I just finished jerking it like 3 times last night to the nastiest shemale porn ever...Uggghhh!! I couldn't jerk off again I was thinking...I need to find a real tranny! I remember reading somewhere that trannies love hanging out at nude beaches, so I decided to hit up the infamous Black's Beach in La Jolla! Having just turned 18, I felt the time was ripe to hit up a nude beach anyway, and who knows, maybe I would find that tranny of my dreams...

When I got there, I couldn't be more wrong. Fat, old ugly men in their birthday suits were lined up everywhere. When they saw a young 18 yr old Latino boy, they quickly got up and stared at me like a piece of meat! It was nice at first...then got really creepy. To the point I had to yell at someone, "Can I help you with something!?" Then he cowardly ran away...I was about to leave when I looked over and saw the biggest, yummiest thing ever...a huge 6" FLACCID cock! Furthermore, it was dark chocolaty black! It made my mouth drool and my cock rock hard! I had to have it, I could not stop staring and my jaw was wide open! Before I realized it, I noticed the big flaccid cock move towards me! It was swinging like salami in a deli store! And those big black balls where bouncing up and down too like a bunch of grapes! I couldn't believe how horny I was getting...

"I noticed you were looking at me from afar. Did you see something you like?" he asked. By this point I was turning bright red...not only did he catch me starting at his cock, but now he came over and confronted me about it...oh no I thought.

"Th-thanks." I barely managed to say. I could not believe this, here I was, an 18 yr old chubby little Latin boy hanging, getting hit on! By a ripped, dark, hung, black man in his mid-30s! What was happening to me!?

"Thanks" I sheepishly said, "You give a great massage." I cooed with a huge smile on my face. It did feel really good actually, his hands were so strong, yet so delicate and nice on my back. He kept going up and down my naked back with his big strong black hands. Then, he went a little lower...

"Do I turn you on?" He asked. "Well, that's ok, look what you did to me." And with that he lifted up a bit from my back and as I looked back, I saw the biggest, blackest cock I've ever seen in my entire life. It was at least 12 inches long, thick as a can of red bull, dark chocolate black with a huge shiny pink helmet. I could not stop looking at it; the helmet was shining with pre-cum.

The shower felt sooo good, the steam and hot water made me so relaxed, and I was getting so horny in anticipation of being naked and alone with Les. Thinking about his cock got me hard and I started stroking. I heard the shower door open and there was Les, his cock full mast!

"Well, looks like you noticed what that does to my cock! Tell you what, finish drying up and go put on the clothes I laid out for you in my bedroom. I'll make us a couple more margaritas and will be right back up!"

"Your welcome!" Les said as he was running downstairs. I finished drying off and walked into his bedroom, completely nude. I walked over to his bed and noticed he had a porno on his giant HD TV. It was a couple fucking doggy style. The guy was a big black guy with a huge cock, and the girl was a beautiful big-breasted, huge assed Latina girl. I took a closer look and she was actually a she-male with a big uncut cock! Awesome I though, tranny porn! With that I jumped on the bed, and noticed the "outfit" that Les picked out for me. Pink panties. That's it, a pair of girly pink panties, with pink little bows on the corners and a string for the back cover. They were silky smooth and for some reason, my cock was getting hard.

"Mmmm, yeah, yeah! Suck this cock!" I was running my tongue and lips all over it, licking the whole head like it was a lollipop. His cock was so beautiful, I was looking at the porno and watching the she-male suck it too. Wow, she was a pro, I started copy-catting her, darting my tongue at the cock slit and grabbing the balls gently with my hands. Then I decided to lick the balls too.

"Ooooh, oohhhhh, yeahhhh! Yeahhh, that's right bitch, lick my balls!" Les yelled at me. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!!" I was getting soooo turned on now, I noticed Les took my cock out of my panties and began stroking it. "Mmmmm, your cock is so beautiful too Drew, but let's slow down...I'm about to cum! And I wanna save this big load for you..."

"Ok, gonna stick it all in now you little bitch." The butt plug was only about 4 inches long and probably an inch in diameter at the widest point, but it felt like a huge cock going in there. He got the whole thing in there, then stood up on the bed and fed me his beautiful black cock. It was so tasty, I was licking and sucking the whole thing again, he was pre-cumming like crazy now and I sucked up every last drop of his pre-cum. It was so tasty, nice and salty and sweet, I loved it!

"You better get used to pain bitch." Les said to me. "This might hurt a little at first, but it will be alllll worth it." He grinned at me. I was ready for it now, it was just up to Les to do it right. I gyrated my ass towards the air, begging for his cock to penetrate my hole. Then I felt it, his cock, it was gently running circles around my hole. Then he started to dry hump me, my hips and ass still gyrating up in the air, begging to get fucked. And then it happened, his cock was right on my hole and he slowly began pushing it in.

"You should be proud sweety." Les told me. "You have the whole thing in there! I'm not gonna take it out yet, just enjoy it ok?" I was enjoying it, and even my cock was showing how much I enjoyed it. It was rock hard and glistening with pre-cum! Les grabbed my cock, covered it in some of that extra slippery lube and began jerking it.

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