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Matt Harrison

Download Dreamland MOD APK and Uncover the Dark Mystery Behind the Party Town

Destroy the evil enemies that are attacking your magical kingdom in Dreamland 2. You will play as mighty warriors and fight for your kingdom. This is a dreamland that gives birth to a lot of pets that can fight and protect the world. And when you come here, you will be the one to control them to join the fight against the enemy. They are cruel creatures that want to enter the dream world and destroy the peace. So it would be best if you found pets so that you can protect the magical world with them safely. Challenge the battle levels, and with your pet squad, conquer the challenge.

dreamland mod apk


The land of cute creatures has opened up for you to search for. You aim to collect the cutest pets and travel the world with them. And you have found different animals and formed a discovery team. But upon contact, you know they are also creatures with solid defenses. They can do this because the dreamland is always the target of cruel enemies. They disturb the peace here and want to destroy everything with ferocious power. Stand up to enemies that storm the world with decisive pet combat.

made a post a few months back but basically its a hard mode of return to dreamland with new enemys, fully restored cutter super ability, reworked abilitys (notably a HARD nerf to stone), new boss patterns (some of the midbosses are harder then the work bosses i swear to god). As of now only the main story and the arena are finished with extra and the true arena coming later. Also the rom as of now cannot be played on original hardware your gonna need dolphin or another emulator. I DID NOT MAKE THIS I JUST FOUND IT


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