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Sims 4 Slave Modl

The ability to move devices around on the PCB has opened up the ability to lay out the components within the slice in a different way. The structure of the slice also allows for batching of the devices, allowing for a reduction in the manufacturing footprint. For example, a class of devices can be grouped into a single package and the other devices can be contained within the same package. The number of pins required can be minimized by utilizing multiplexing on the communication pins. This allows for the use of multiple modules into a slave slice while maintaining reliable and deterministic communication amongst the devices. A similar configuration is possible for master modules as well. The structure and components of each slice can be fully defined by the user and it is possible to create a new custom component. However, this is not currently possible for the core, which is constrained based on the availability of the underlying hardware.

Sims 4 Slave Modl

Slice topology is highly customizable. For example, the connectivity between the slices is tied to the availability of layers1 through 3, rather than to the availability of AHB, AXI, APB, PRAM, etc. The concept of slices allows for scheduling of the components, which can be configured to slave nodes in a deterministic manner. The top module of each slave node interface to the slices in the destination of all relevant slices. The top module can include key elements such as decoding logic, size encoder and control logic, among other elements. When the top module communicates the slices, it provides the criteria for which slices it is interested in, and the interactions are performed in a manner of assigning time-slots to specific slices on the top module itself. The time assignment of slices is in a deterministic manner and hence the relationship between the slices are fixed.


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