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Christian Campbell
Christian Campbell

Timelapse: Male Lion Takes Charge In The Mara

Just before they could fully suffocate it, we heard this big crash coming form the bush behind us, only to find it was a Rhino in full charge towards the lions. We had to drive off as the Rhino charged towards the vehicles too.

Timelapse: Male lion takes charge in the Mara

She then charged to where the lions were and they realized the danger, all abandoning their catch, after which the zebra stood up. To the surprise of all of us at the sighting, the Rhino charged and gored the zebra with her horn going right through the animal.

She came out in a full charge towards us and one of my friends who had a rifle took off and so did the other who had a machete. I was about to run too but realized I will be the target so I stood there staring at the lioness.

The calf could not keep up with the vehicle and the hyenas took their opportunity and pounced. It was all over before we knew it. A few minutes later, we heard 2 male lions roaring 100 metres away. They could smell the blood and chased of the hyenas and took over the kill.


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